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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, things have changed drastically in the midst of this recession.  Everyone has been pinching pennies to save money, and if someone is willing to spend, it’s because they’re getting one heck of a deal.  One industry that has changed dramatically is the auto industry.  You’ve got GM who recently filed bankruptcy due to huge market decline in demand.  And all the other leading car companies are in a frenzy trying to boost their revenues.  The fact is that auto prices are at an all time low, and the deals and financing options are unreal.  If you have the money, now is the time to buy!  But there are some things to know before buying.  You must know your parameters for the following: price, features, mpg, safety, and reliability.  Being an educated consumer is key.  Don’t get haggled by car salesmen; know what you want and get it.  Below is a site that can give you the information you need when buying.  It has a cool feature that helps in finding the best price.

Click on

Feel free to check out these other sites:

If you’re tired of traffic and speed traps, you gotta’ check these out!

GPS Software Tracks & Warns You Of Red Light Cameras!

Avoid Costly Traffic Tickets. Make Your Car Invisible to Red Light and Speed Cameras

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  1. tricia on

    I found the credit repair site to be very helpful.

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