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The Travel Experience

I believe it’s pretty safe to say that almost everyone has traveled and gained some kind of memorable experience from it,  good or bad.  I also think we all have been on some trips that weren’t so good and wished they would have gone a little better.  I would like to talk about a trip I took that could have gone wrong but didn’t because of advance preparation.

I had just gotten married and my wife and I were headed to Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon.  We had booked our all-inclusive trip through a travel agency and were so excited based on the pictures we had seen of our resort and hotel.  Well, when we first landed at the airport, we were everything but excited.  In fact, we were a little confused.  When we walked outside of the airport, it looked like parts of East L.A., areas that you wouldn’t want to walk through.  I was so happy when our bus driver pulled up, took our bags, and boarded us.  After a thirty minute drive, we pulled into the resort where we relaxed and enjoyed our honeymoon.  I was so glad I didn’t have to walk with my wife down those dirty streets trying to flag down a cab.  It goes to show that being prepared is the way to go when traveling.

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The Helpful Websites


My name is Nick Cordell, and I have recently released six new websites offering some of the hottest and in-demand products at great prices.   The sites are user friendly and specific in their focus.  I hope you will stick around to hear more about them.  I believe them to be of good use.

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